3 Proven Ways to Completely Remove the Virus From an Android Phone

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Yes, I know that You are Worried & Continuously searching for something like How to Remove the Virus from an Android Phone?

Here, I have Listed 10 Simple Steps you need to Follow to Get rid of Virus or a Malware from Your Smartphone Manually without Deleting your Data and Also by Downloading an Antivirus for Mobile.

Well, Google’s Android operating system is the most used OS in the world, which is being used widely.

Android is considered to be a very safe operating system, but many times there have been reports of problems such as viruses in Android Devices.

However, to avoid this or to Remove the virus from an Android Phone, security patch updates and security features are constantly introduced in it. An example of such a security feature is Google’s Play Protect.

However, to remove the virus from an Android Phone & to keep the phone more secure, numerous antivirus apps are available on the Play Store.

However, what if the Antivirus you are using is unable to detect the Malware or a Virus?

1. Find out if there is actually a virus in your Android Device

Remove the Virus From an Android Phone

If suddenly a lot of ads (advertisements) start appearing in your phone or corrupt data error starts, then you may have a virus on your phone.

And now you need to remove the virus from an android phone in order to protect your data.

Apart from this, the sudden slowing down of the phone or the battery running out quickly is also a sign of malware on the phone.

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If you get a virus on your Android Phone, trouble starts appearing. The phone’s data gets deleted itself, where will we get the contacts again?

If you do a factory reset to eliminate the virus from Android Mobile, then your data is at risk of getting deleted.

Apart from this, there is also an easy way by which you can remove the virus from an Android Phone without deleting the data.

2. Remove the Virus From an Android Phone without deleting data:

Remove the Virus From an Android Phone

1. First, put your smartphone in safe mode. This will prevent third-party apps and viruses from working in spite of their Influence.

2. To enable the Safe Mode on your Android Device, Long press the Power Button. After that, you will Get an Option to Restart in Safe Mode.

3. After that, your phone will go into Safe Mode, and the text “Safe Mode” gets Appear on Your Android Mobile.

4. After that, go to the Smartphone settings and tap on the app.

5. Open the “Downloaded Apps” tab. Here you will have a list of apps you have installed. Choose from the apps that you have not installed or the one you want to delete or the one which is not getting deleted due to the virus.

6. At the same time, tap on the app you want to delete and uninstall it. Your app will be deleted, and the virus will also be removed.

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7. Although most viruses in Android Mobiles get deleted in a way of uninstalling some apps. However, Sometimes, the Uninstall button appears to be grey, which indicates that the virus has given admin status to itself.

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8. Meanwhile in such cases, exit the “Downloaded Apps” Section and tap on Security in Settings and click on Device Administrator. Here, you will see the apps with the Administrator Status.

9. Accordingly, tap on the app you want to delete and delete their Administrator status.

10. Then go to the “Downloaded Apps” Section once Again and click Uninstall to remove all the apps which you were unable to delete at first. Now, come out of the Safe Mode and restart the phone.


1. Do not download any app from here and there.

2. Always Have an Antivirus as it will help you to Remove the Virus from an Android Phone.

3. Remove The Virus from an Android Phone Using Antivirus???? –

Bitdefender Antivirus Helps to Remove the Virus from an Android Phone Easily

There are Some Great Apps on Playstore that may help you to Remove the Virus from an Android Phone. Few highly Rated Apps are listed below:-

1. Norton Security and Antivirus This is an All in One Mobile Security and one of the best Antivirus for your smartphone or tablet. Currently, this app has more than 10 Million downloads.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus This is a free Antivirus App for Your Phone that helps a lot in keeping your mobile and tablet virus free. Currently, this app has more than 50 Million downloads.

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3. Jio Security Antivirus This Antivirus is created by Reliance Jio which can be easily downloaded from Play Store for Free. There are many options like Link Guard, Call Blocking, Contact Backup, etc.

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Currently, this app has more than 10 Million downloads. And you get all these Premium Features absolutely free.

4. McAfee Mobile Security Antivirus It is available on Play Store for free, and anyone can download it easily. In this, you get to see many features like Anti-Spyware, Anti-Theft, Anti-Malware, Security Lock, etc.

5. Avast Mobile Security Antivirus This is also a very good Anti Virus which is widely used by folks to remove the virus from an android phone. There are many features like App Lock, Call Blocker, Anti-Theft, etc. Currently, it has more than 100 Million downloads.

There are numerous great Antiviruses over the Playstore, you may choose the one you like to Perfectly Remove the Virus from an Android Phone. Some of the Renowned antiviruses are AVG, AVIRA, ESET, BITDEFENDER, MALWAREBYTES, etc.


That said Precaution is Better than Cure. Today people are downloading Cracked Apps and Modded Apps fearlessly without knowing that this Nothing is Free in this World.

Thus, the website from where you’re installing those fake apps are actually injecting malware via cracked & modded apps, and are stealing your data in one way or other. 

And then You have to find different ways to remove the virus from an android phone, but sometimes the damages are done.

So, I personally advise you always to download the apps from a Trusted Source i.e Playstore and Scan the downloaded apps from Virustotal.com.

I am Going to Write a blog on Cracked apps and their Consequences so be in touch and Subscribe to our Newsletter. ????

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