5 Best Highly Rated Camscanner Alternative Apps in 2020 (100% Non-Chinese)

Camscanner Alternative Apps

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For mobile users, the app scanner of Chinese company Instig (intsig information co. Ltd) i.e. Camscanner is quite popular. Documents are easily scanned and shared through this app. This app has been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide.

But are you familiar with some Best 5 Highly rated Camscanner Alternative Apps?

Today we will tell you about Camscanner Alternative apps for Android. However, you may have to spend a little money to use premium features.

There are many free Camscanner Alternative apps as well, but we respect your privacy and do not recommend using such apps for privacy breach.

So, without any further Ado, let’s get started:-😁

1.PhotoScan by Google Photos

Photoscan - Camscanner Alternative apps

PhotoScan by Google Photos is one of the best Camscanner Alternative apps for scanning applications. In the given frame, you bring the document to be scanned and move the camera to all four sides, and your document is scanned.

This Document Scanning app provides the output by enhancing the original image using four edges, and you get glare-free output even while using flash-light.

You do not have to download any app for this separately because this function is given to you on the Google Photos app already provided in your Android phone.

Main Feature:

  1. Can be used by google photos.
  2. This app is an expert in removing glare from the image and gives you a much better output by flash in indoor-lighting.
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Download Here.

2.Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Microsoft Office Lens - Camscanner Alternative apps

Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner is a photo scanner app offered by Microsoft that can be used as Camscanner Alternative apps. This app allows you to scan photos, documents, business cards and whiteboards.

You can also take images with the help of this app or get them directly from the gallery. This pdf scanner app also gives you the option to choose the resolution as compared to other applications presented in the list.

You can also OCR a document, save a document in OneDrive, also the files can be shared as a Word or a PDF format.

Multiple Editing Portions like cropping, rotation, text input, colour line highlight, etc. are available to use after scanning a doc.

Main Feature:

  1. The most significant feature of this Camscanner Alternative app is the facility to change the scan resolution. The last scan resolution given by the application is the highest in which Google photo scan has also been counted.
  2. In this app, you will get different presets for photos, documents and business cards. Colour enhancement and cropping algorithms are also much better.

Download Here.

3.Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator

Adobe Scan - Best Camscanner Alternative apps

The Adobe Scan app turns your phone into a scanner that recognizes and captures typed characters much better. Not only this, it converts any document to PDF and also saves them securely on Adobe Document Cloud.

A scanned image is an abstract and accurate scan similar to a document. If you prefer the original look, then you can also stay on the authentic photo look.

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This app also gives you some editing options and the ability to save multiple scan items in the same PDF file, unlike Camscanner.

If you want to OCR a scanned document then you are free to do so in this app and that can be edited later.

Adobe scan app which is another great Camscanner Alternative apps comes with 5GB of free Cloud Storage which is more than enough for a normal user for storing the docs online.

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Main Feature:

  1. Much better at scanning documents and saving them to PDF files.
  2. Supports multi-page PDFs.

Download Here.

4.Doc Scanner – Phone PDF Creator

Doc Scanner -Camscanner Alternative apps

You can use Doc Scanner when you want a lot of editing options for yourself. In this app, you are also given a QR code generator, QR code reader and OCR tool.

The Doc scanner which is another Camscanner Alternative apps allows you to import photos from the gallery as the camera on the phone is better than the camera software of the app.

After this, you can give the image a scan-look, for which adequate tools have been provided.

This app also allows you to add filters, watermarks and stickers. You can store scanned items through the app as PDF files or images in the cloud or gallery.

Main Feature:

  1. This application gives you many features. Its free version also gives you the facility of QR scanning, automatic cropping and OCR.
  2. The scan quality is much better.

Download Here.

5.ScanPro App – PDF Document Scanner

ScanPro App - PDF Camscanner Alternative apps

ScanPro App – PDF Document Scanner which is termed to be one of the smartest Camscanner Alternative apps can be a perfect option for you if you scan a lot of photos or documents.

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You also get this as a free version, but you will be able to get most of the features in its paid version only.

If you want to adjust the brightness and contrast then you will have to pay for the pro version. You will get an additional Cloud service feature like Camscanner in the pro version.

Using Scanbot you are free to share files on different platforms in PDF or a JPG format.

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Main Feature:

  1. This application gives you a lot of advice on the screen while scanning the image, which is quite beneficial.
  2. Numerous editing options.

Download Here.


Now, as We have listed Top 5 Camscanner Alternative Apps in India, We are pretty much sure that you guys will face no difficulty in using them. Since every coin has two aspects; so does these Camscanner Rival apps listed above.

They have their pros and cons but are equally if you’re looking for the perfect Camscanner Alternative apps.

If you want to know my take, then I have personally used and using Adobe Scanner, but that said, use the one you like.

To get the latest updates on tech, subscribe to us, and you can also ask us tech-related questions, and we are happy to help you all.👍

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