Picking The Best Processor For Android Phones in India Explained (August 2020)


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Searching for the Best Processor for Android directly Indicates that you are undoubtedly Concerned about Your Smartphone’s Performance. A High Performance or The Best Processor for Android Phones makes you feel that your Phone is Fast, Smooth, and You can Multi-task at the same time without any lag or an issue of a Phone Hanging.

Best Processor for Mobile

  • The Power of an Android Processor depends on the Number of Cores, Clock Speed & the Technology Used.
  • The Processor is the Brain of the Smartphone.
  • Right Now, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ is considered the Most Powerful & Best Android Processor till Date.

Choosing the Powerful & the Best Processor For Android depends on:

Samsung Exynos 5G

  • Manufacturing Brand & their Series.
  • User’s Usage
  • Processor Features
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)

a. Manufacturer & Series

The Processor Brands now use a mixture of technologies and possess a variety of Processors, directly from the entry into the most effective and Intelligent Processors.

  • Qualcomm Processors are the most common & an Excellent Processor for a Phone these days, together with Different Alternatives Like MediaTek, Exynos, Kirin & Apple’s Bionic (Not an Android Processor). These Processors might suit the Standard of the Best Processor for Android Mobile.
  • High-End Smartphone Processors provide much better performance with reduced battery consumption, but they are a bit expensive.
  • Brands such as Samsung, Honor, and Apple have their very own Processors, for instance, Exynos 9810, Kirin 970 along with A-12 Bionic. This permits them to make the ideal mixture of Hardware & customized Software for Maximum Performance.

Types Of Processors

Qualcomm Snapdragon is the Best Processor For Mobile

b. User’s Usage

The Right Processor is the one that suits your usage. Below you are going to know the type of mobile processors you must use & what suits your day to day usage and the best processor for Android Mobile that fits your need.

  • If you are a light user like your day to day smartphone usage is Limited to Calling, Little bit of Internet Use, and Playing some basic Games. Then, you can buy a Smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Series Processors like (450, 439, 435, or 429) with a Clock Speed of 1.1 GHz – 2GHz. You must consider a Quad-core or an Octa-Core Processor.
  • If you use 10+ apps at the same time, you do watch youtube, Netflix & more. Then a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Series Processors might suit your style. Some of the Latest Processors for a Phone in this series are Qualcomm Snapdragon (710, 730, 765G), etc. Usually, these processors come with a clock speed of 2.1 GHz – 2.5GHz. You need to Consider an Octa-Core processor to get a good Experience.
  • Are you a Heavy User & Anxiously looking for the Best Processor For Android Phones, & You love Playing High Graphic Games, Editing Pictures, A multitasker (Using 20+ Apps at an Interval). So, as per your usage a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series Processors, Apple A11 Bionic Chip, Kirin 970, or Exynos 9810 Chipset can be Considered. This type of Processors usually has 2.5GHz – 3.1GHz of Clock Speed. Octa-Core or Above Cores is a must for these users. 

c. Specifications of an Android Processor

When you come across the specifications of an Android Processor, you will see something similar to this –  “2.1GHz octa-core processor” or “2.4GHz quad-core Processor”. Which is a consequence of 2 Crucial Factor –
1. Clock Speed – For Instance 3.1GHz
2. Cores – For Instance Octa-Core

Best Processor for Mobile

Understanding the Need of a Core in Such a Way that at One time you’re playing games on your Mobile, Listening Songs.

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Besides, Download is also Going on in the Background. So, it’s tough for a Single-Core Processor to handle so much work at Once. So, in such scenario Multi-Core Processors are useful.

It may Happen that High Core Count may not always affect the operation of a smartphone. However, Higher Clock Speed with much more Processor Cores contributes to Better Performance.

d. Artificial Intelligence

AI Android Processors are Common in Smartphones nowadays that allows Smartphone to have an eye on Usage Patterns, for example, time spent on various apps, games, Web, and all. Also AI Processors are considered to be the Most Powerful & Best Processor for Android Phones.


  • Best Android Processor for Mobile with AI Capabilities are Samsung Exynos 9810, Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 & 800 Series, Huawei’s Kirin 970, & MediaTek Helio G90T.
  • AI Is Vital nowadays because it assists in Improving Battery Life, Great Photography Experience, Better Performance.

Artificial Intelligence

e. Graphics Processing Unit

Today’s Android Smartphones have a separate processor for graphics for a Greater Performance.

  • GPU accounts for Processing Graphics on a Smartphone.
  • GPU Helps in Better Gaming.

Best & Fastest Processor for Mobile

Now, the Question may Arise in your Mind Asking Which is the Best Processor For Android Gaming Phones?

So, Right Now in 2020, Mediatek Helio M70 & Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ are considered to be the Most Powerful yet Best Processor for Android Gaming Phones. I have already written a blog on 8 Real Gaming Phones in India for Pro Gamers. If you are Interested then do Spare some Time and Have a Look.

Taking Care of these things, you can buy a Great Smartphone with a High Performing Mobile Processor for Yourself. Also, If you are looking for Reviews, Suggestions, or if you have any Doubt then Contact Me and I will be Happy to Assist You.


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