India’s Sexiest Phones Under 20000 with Android 10 in 2020 (UPDATED)

Top 10 Mobiles under 20000 in India

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Do you have an Eye on the Best Phones Under 20000 in India? See the complete list of top 10 phones in your budget, which has a great camera, powerful battery and big storage. You can ask us questions about mobile phones.

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1. Realme X

Image result for realme x | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For Great performance, Attractive display, Better camera setup, Pop-up selfie, VOOC Charging

Newton’s Score – 8.6

Realme X is a mid-range device equipped with great features. Realme X is the first smartphone in the range to come with a pop-up selfie camera. It has a robust configuration, excellent camera resolution, large battery capacity with fast charging and adequate storage capacity. However, the smartphone’s storage is minimal. Overall, One of the Best Phones Under 20000 right now in India.

2.Xiaomi Poco F1

Image result for poco f1 | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For – Great performance, Excellent Cameras

Newton’s Score – 8.4

In Poco F1, you get excellent specifications according to the price. I think that it is not as good looking as Realme X or Oppo K3 but keeping in mind the specification as a mid-range phone, I shall call it a good option. The Poco F1 is given great hardware, reliable camera setup and an excellent big battery. These three things are essential for the mid-range device that is available in the Pocophone F1.

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3. Oppo K3

Image result for oppo k3 | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For – VOOC Charging, Panorama Display, Good Processor, Outstanding Look

Newton’s Score – 8.3

The OPPO K3 is an attractive body device with a gradient back panel and panorama display. Meanwhile, the device features a fantastic configuration setup, battery capacity with fast charging, high-resolution lens and immersive view. In Short, One of the Best Phones Under 20000 in 2019.

4.Oppo F9 ProOppo f9 Pro Image

Buy For – Looks, Decent Cameras, VOOC Charging

Newton’s Score – 8.3

The Oppo F9 Pro is a Premium device with an Affordable Price tag. It has everything a user wants in their ideal smartphone. It has a stunning, robust display with excellent cameras capable of taking Perfect shots. Reliable configuration of the device will give superior performance capability to the Folks. However, the battery used in this smartphone provides a simple backup which can be a bit frustrating for users. But to meet this deficiency, fast charging support has been provided in the device, which can fully charge the battery in no time. Overall this isn’t a Bad Option if you are after the Best Phones Under 20000.

5.Samsung Galaxy A50

Image result for samsung galaxy a50 | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For – Looks, Decent features, Decent Camera

Newton’s Score – 8.5

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a smartphone with useful features. Galaxy A50 comes with a great FullHD + display as compared to the budget. The processor of the device is also quite good. The storage capacity of the phone is quite significant. The fingerprint sensor has been given for its security. The cameras are capable of providing a great photography experience. Overall, it’s one of the Best Phones Under 20000 in October 2019.

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Alternatively, you may go after Realme X.

6.Samsung Galaxy M40Related image

Buy For – Looks, Good Battery, Decent Processor, Massive Storage Capability

Newton’s Score – 8.3

The Samsung Galaxy M40 is a mid-range smartphone that comes with a back panel metal frame and uses 3D glass on its display. The device has a great set of cameras and massive storage capacity. The powerful processor and excellent battery backup of the phone provide a great experience to the users. With a 20000 budget, it is one of the best smartphones for consumers.

7.Nokia 8.1

Image result for nokia 8.1

Buy For – Outstanding Cameras, Good Display, Decent Battery Backup

Newton’s Score – 8.5

Nokia has always preferred quality with superior pricing. Nokia 8.1 is an excellent device with a premium look. The smartphone is designed with a great display, camera and storage capacity. It has quick charging support. Besides, the battery can be restored in no time. Overall, it is one of the Best Phones Under 20000 Budget.

8.Huawei Y9 PrimeHuawei y9 Prime | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For – Decent Camera, Decent Look

Newton’s Score – 8.1

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 is a mid-range price tag smartphone with some useful features, but the Huawei Y9 Prime is Over-Priced. The body of the device is quite beautiful, which attracts the users. The device’s camera makes the users feel great photography. Also, the battery provided in it is capable of delivering long-term power backup. However, the device lacks a fast charging feature, which is a bit disappointing for the users.

9.Huawei P30 Lite

Image result for huawei p30 lite | Best Phones Under 20000

Buy For – Great Cameras, Great Performance, Good Display

Newton’s Score – 8.3

The Huawei P30 is a mid-range device with great features. These features make it an ideal choice as it has excellent performance capability and good battery backup. The camera of this device comes with a triple-lens for unique photography experience. If budget is not a problem, this may be the best option.

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10.Samsung Galaxy A30

Image result for galaxy a30 png

Buy For – Great Cameras, Good Configuration

Newton’s Score – 8.2

The Samsung Galaxy A30 is a mid-range smartphone that comes with a completely bezel-less display. It covers several features that make it a perfect choice in this range. In addition, it comes with a slim body that sits comfortably on the palms of the handle. I am recommending this Phone for the Best Phones Under 20000 Budget Category is Because this Sleek Smartphone provides great performance, and it is powered with a decent battery backup to keep it running. The camera performance is also awe-inspiring and is sufficient storage to keep all the data in it.

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