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Best Mobile Phones Under 8000 in India

Are you looking for the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000 in India 2020? See the complete list of top 10 phones in your budget, which has a great camera, powerful battery, and big storage.

Are you afraid to waste your money & wondering what are some Great Phones to buy Under Budget for your Dear ones?

During your research, you probably came across numerous websites listing the phones and found that none of them is implying a satisfactory result. There a lot more chances that those are paid reviews and you might fall in the trap. Now, In this article, I am going to share some honest reviews on The Best Mobile Phones under 8000 Right Now (We have Updated the List so these are the best ones in 2020).

Without any further ado, let’s begin.

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1. Realme 3

Image result for realme 3

Buy For – Great Camera, Good Configuration, Decent Battery, Powerful Processor

Score 8.1

Realme 3 is a budget-grade smartphone that comes with many exclusive and useful features. This smartphone has a good camera setup, which gives a feeling of great photography.

Apart from this, the battery in it is capable of providing a good backup. It also has a robust configuration with an HD + display. Overall, this is an excellent option — the best Mobile Phones Under 8000.

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2.Asus Zenfone Max M2

An Image of Asus Zaenfone Max M2 | Best Mobile Phones Under 8000

Buy For – Cameras are good, Great Battery

Score 7.8

Asus Zenfone Max M2 is a mid-range smartphone equipped with powerful features. The main attraction of the device is its triple primary camera setup, which does excellent photography.

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Along with excellent battery backup, this smartphone is capable of meeting the basic needs of the users. Overall, the Asus Zenfone Max M2 is one of the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000.

Buy Here.

3. Redmi 7

Image result for redmi 7 | Best Mobile Phones Under 8000

Buy For – Battery Backup, Looks, Decent Performance

Score 7.5

Another Smartphone by Xiaomi (Redmi 7) comes with a Price tag around 7000, which has many Ample features. The device has excellent performance capability, good battery backup, great cameras, and storage. It also has a fingerprint scanner for security. However, it lacks a full HD display, but it can be ignored given the budget.

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4.Realme C2

Realme C2

Buy For – Good Rear Camers, Ample Battery Backup, Decent Performace

Score 7

Realme C2 is an excellent device that is identical to an Ad of a Maggie Pichkoo, i.e. It’s Different. The device’s processor is capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Battery backup is also suitable for daily use. The primary camera provides excellent photography experience. Overall, it is a unique Smartphone to be available in this budget category.

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5.Asus Zenfone Max M1

An Image of Asus Zenfone Max M1 | Best Mobile Phones Under 8000

Buy For – Fresh UI, Elegant Display, Competent Battery

Score 7.3

The main attraction of Asus Zenfone Max M1 smartphone is its massive battery. The battery provided in the Phone is useful for users who spend more time traveling, and they are unable to time the Phone on charge again and again.

Apart from this, the camera and display of this smartphone are quite good. If you want an attractive display, good battery backup, and camera facility in a low budget smartphone, then this can be a better option.

The one thing I really like about this Phone is you can have two sims plus an additional Memory Card which makes this Phone the perfect choice for a User looking for Best Mobile Phones Under 8000.

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6.Samsung Galaxy M10

Related image of Samsung Galaxy M10

Buy For – Samsung Brand

Score 6.8

In addition to excellent storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy M10 also features excellent camera quality. There is also a fingerprint sensor in this phone for security.

Samsung Galaxy M10 can be a better option for smartphones in this budget. But if you are looking for My thoughts then do not forget to check the Editor’s Section.

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7.Samsung Galaxy A10


Buy For – Samsung Brand

Score 6.5

Samsung Galaxy A10 comes with many powerful features. The powerful configuration of the device helps in giving smooth performance in multitasking. Its camera is capable of excellent photography in any situation.

There is enough storage to hold large amounts of data. Overall, it is a high-range smartphone available with no drawbacks. As per the Price, You can Consider this if you are a Samsung lover & looking for the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000.

Buy Here.

8. Infinix Hot 8

Infinix Hot 8 Best Smartphone in Market - Hadi Malik - Medium

Buy For – Decent Camera, Competent Battery, Enough Storage

Score 7.8

Infinix Hot 7 is an excellent mobile in this price because it comes with all the neat features users look for, i.e. a Good Battery, Somewhat good Camera & Overall the Perfect Allrounder. It also has Better cameras than Samsung Galaxy M10.

Concluding everything, I would have gone for this Phone By Infinix in less budget as right now I am not able to come up with any significant drawback. In brief, one of the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000.

Buy Here.

9.Infinix Smart 3 Plus

Image result for infinix smart 3 plus png

Buy For – Looks, Decent Cameras, Awesome Battery Backup, Vibrant Display

Score 7

I have no interest in manipulating or confusing you but look at the Phone, I mean I shall give 10 out of 10 for this Awe-Inspiring look of Infinix Smart 3 Plus, You will not get this kinda premium look in any other phones at this Price Range.

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It has an HD+ Resolution display which is both Vibrant & Sharp. Infinix has done an Excellent Job this time. Also, the users can take some great selfies and Can feel the Premium look as the device has a metal body considering it amongst the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000. Besides an Average Performance, this is also a fact that “Jitni Cheeni Daloge, Kheer Utni hi Meethi Banegii”.

Buy Here.

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10.Nokia 5.1 Plus

Nokia 5.1 Plus

Buy For – Awesome Performance, Stock Android, Regular Updates

Score 7.5

Nokia 5.1 Plus is no Doubt another great Phone by Nokia. The device has all the features that a user wants in their Smartphones. Nokia 5.1 Plus has a Decent Storage facility, so you need to worry about the storage Issue Anymore.

Apart from this, Company Claims that It also has a Decent camera that gives excellent performance in terms of photography and videography, but I didn’t like the Camera.

At the same time, the only drawback in the device is its battery backup, which is not sufficient by any means. Overall, if the battery & Camera is not a significant issue, and if you are looking for a gaming device with the tag of the Best Mobile Phones Under 8000, then you can consider buying Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Buy Here.

So, Confused. Let me sort it out for you. You can contact us or Go to the Editor’s Choice Section to Clear your Doubts. Feel Free to Reach out to us to know more about the Best Mobile Phones under 8000 in India 2020.

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